Annual Report 20007-08
Annual Report 20007-08
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Tribal Development
Galvanizing the people for the cause of the unfortunate and channelising their efforts into an organized crusade to combat pain, proverty, inequality and illiteracy is Seva Bharathi.

Seva Bharathi came into being in 1984. Over the years, Seva Bharathi has come a long way in servicing its avowed objective. The modest move has culminated into a massive movement. The humble foundation has flowered into a mammoth institution. Today, Seva Bharathi has its presence spread across the entire country with an extensive range of charitable and community development activities. Set up in 1989 with moderate means and a canvas of activities, it has grown into an expansive network across. Telangana and Ryalaseema regions. There are more than 75,386 activities in all the 602 districts of the country.

One striking feature of the organisation is its commitment for human values and indigenous efforts. The community development model of the organisation has been widely acclaimed for its localised focus.

Among the activities run by Seva Bharathi are Education on the needy, helath to the unreached & under privileged, sanskaras to mother and child and projects on the line of self-help concepts.
Spectrum of activities :
Child Rights : To enable a stronger India the Children are the torchbearers. Seva Bharathi has a special focus and programming for them. The Child Labour Rehabilitaion, Non-formal Schools in the Slum, One Teacher Schools, Affection Homes for the destitue child and Hostels for the Poor children.
Women Welfare : Bringing then together and train them to strengthan financially.
Differently abled : Empathetic supportive helping hand to bring out the differently-abled talent hidden on them.
Rural rejuvenation : Strengthening Indian countryside with technology and also providing them the information they need for more green Revolutions.
Tribal Welfare : Nurturing the tribal talents & culture Seva Bharathi is trying to empower them with information & skill.
Need based activity : In times of need during crisises, Seva Bharathi volunteers are the first to reach out the victims, be it floods, accidents or calamities.
Medical Aid : Health services in general through Tribal Health Centers, and at large through Rural Health Volunteers, Mobile Medical Mission serving the needy at their doorstep.
Self Reliance : Counseling for handicapped, Micro credit to the skilled youth & Thrift Programmes.

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